Selecting the Right Real Estate Professional

Why Sell with Me?

I have learned working with my clients and when I work with other professionals there are 3 key questions I need to be able to answer to ensure a strong working relationship:

  1.  Can I trust them?
  2. Do they care about me?
  3. Are they good at what they do?


Must be earned – I do this through Action & Communication – When I say I will do something I will do it.  I will share with you and have open dialogue.


I show I care by providing you Honest Communication & Professional Guidance & Sound Advice – always in your best interests.  Money is important – everyone has to live and has a right to make a living – but not at the expense of someone’s happiness.

Good At What I Do:

Everyday I strive to be the best version of myself  for myself and for my clients.  I have the unique ability to work at both a strategic and detailed level in the professional arena and with this I bring along2 0+ years executive level corporate work & combine it with Licensed Certifications in both Real Estate & Home Staging & Design – providing you a One Stop Property Shop.


  • Listen to understand your needs and goals, and keep those top-of-mind throughout the process.
  • Licensed Real Estate & Home Staging “buyers eye” home walkthrough
  • List & Timeline Preparation
  • Personal Management of Professionals in “Prep for Sale”
  • Recommended trades, contact list & discounts
  • Professional Photography, video services
  • Professional Staging Services
  • Professional Marketing Team
  • Attract Qualified buyers from my db
  • Attract Agents with buyers for the area
  • End to end detail item management from list to close
  • Professional Home Inspection*
  • Key Negotiation Skills


To find out more about partnering with me to help get your house sold, please submit the form below or call or email me to make a personal Connection.

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